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8M RUSSIA : Outrageous Attack on Socialist Feminists in Moscow

Build support for International Women’s Day protests in Russia!

On 27th February the Nikulinsky Regional Court in Moscow took the outrageous decision to send Matvey Alexandrov to prison for 25 days — his crime according to the judge was “participation in an unsanctioned mass activity”. He and two other comrades had just been preparing to hand out leaflets at the Moscow State University calling for support for the Women’s strike on 5th March. They hadn’t even started to leaflet when the police turned up to arrest them. The two other comrades arrested face heavy fines.

The call for people to take part in the protest on 5th March — the last working day before the 8th — by organising action at workplaces, schools and universities is made by Socialist Alternative and Socialist Feminist Alternative following up last year’s successful actions on a wide range of demands including

  • For a new law against domestic violence with state funded crisis centres in every region;

  • For wages to be no less than 300 rubles an hour with an end to precarious contracts;

  • For a minimum grant of 15000 rubles a month for students with proper hostels and food provided;

  • For freedom for the sisters Khachaturyan, Yulia Svetkova and all political prisoners;

  • For the Putin regime to go, for an elected assembly representing all working people to take over the running of society.

As he was waiting to go into court Matvey sent us a message:

“Hello everyone, this is Matvey! I am sitting in the corridor of the Nikulinsky District Court, waiting for the hearing to begin. On the whole I am fine, although, of course, I had not planned to be arrested for distributing leaflets. In general, the Police station is OK, although it is rather cold in the cell, I had to hide in several blankets. For the last two days I have been sleeping and reading the paper which they kindly gave me, I’ve received a lot of food and other things passed on by supporters, thank you very much to everyone who sent them.

I have little doubt that I will be imprisoned. Well, in any case, the cell in the detention centre should be more comfortable than that in the police station. Take part in the strike on March 5, organize in workplaces and educational places to fight the repressive regime. I love everyone, I hug you all, Russia will be free, see you in a couple of weeks!”

Socialist Alternative in Russia fully supports this call. The best support that can be given to Matvey at the moment is to use his case to help build for the 5th March. Please take photographs of solidarity using the placards that can be downloaded here and send them to

They read in order: “For a new law against domestic violence”, “For workplaces and universities without sexism and harassment”, “Wages no lower than 300 rubles an hour, grants no less than 15000 rubles a month”, “Freedom for the Sisters Khachaturyan and Yulia Svetkova”, “Down with Putin’s toxic regime”, “For state financed crisis centres in every region”, “I’m in Solidarity with the Women’s strike” and “I support the women’s strike”.

Socialist Alternative has set up a fund to help pay fines and support this important work. Donations can be sent here.

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