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Covid19 Pandemic: Burden on Women Increases

A brief update from ROSA Socialist Feminist Movement, Ireland :

On average women living in Ireland carry out 38 million hours of unpaid care work every year, saving the state millions and increasing pressure on working families.

The outbreak of Covid 19 is rapidly ratcheting up pressure on working class women in a multitude of ways;

- Massive increase in cleaning and sanitation measures both at home and work - Additional childcare with added “homework” because of school closures - Many women work in the health service, retail and hospitality including part time and are still working whilst balancing increased childcare needs - Trying to organise food and essential items including basics like baby food & nappies etc - Taking care of sick and elderly relatives - Restrictive legislation around abortion access including three day waiting period and two doctor appointments are now obviously unsustainable - The majority of those experiencing homelessness and living in cramped hotels and hostels and or general overcrowding are women and children now self isolating in dire living conditions - Reports of eviction notices continuing to be served despite the crisis - Women are more likely to work in low paid and precarious situations with jobs now at risk - Periods of isolation can be detrimental to mental health of many women already experiencing anxiety or particularly for single parents who make up 1 in 4 families with children living in Ireland.

Solidarity with those in working class communities who are now offering to help those struggling to find essential goods, offering to drop medicine/supplies, childcare and support to elderly neighbours and those who are most vulnerable.

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