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Free Yulia Tsvetkova!

Female body is not porn!

SocFem Alternative, Russia

Yulia Tsvetkova, a Russian artist and LGBTQ rights activist, was charged with the criminal distribution of pornography on the 8th of June 2020. She’s been under house arrest since November 2019. Yulia is now facing up to 6 years in prison for her abstract and cartoonish drawings posted in a body positive group called 'Vagina Monologues'.

Say NO to sexism and repression!

The government is covering up domestic violence, sexual harassment and police brutality. We don’t accept the status-quo. We need solidarity with our fight for Yuilia’s freedom and against the oppressive regime.

What can you do?

- Picket outside of the Russian Embassy

- Post in support using #FreeYuliaTsvetkova

- Sign the petition on

- Join our fight @socfemalt

Search for “Yulia Tsvetkova” or check for updates in a dedicated telegram channel

Picture: “Live women menstruate and it’s normal! #woman_not_a_doll

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