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Sweden 8M reports "Stop the cuts on healthcare"


Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (RS) in Stockholm is a part of the 8th of March committee who arranged the demonstration in the capital. Around 2,000 gathered at Sergels torg (a main square in central Stockholm) to listen to the speakers before the demonstration began. Stop the cuts in welfare was the main slogan. Katja Raetz, nurse and chairperson for RS Stockholm, was one of the speakers:

– We here today are part of a global womens struggle. It’s the struggle against rapes and femicides that sweeps across Latin America, as well as in Russia and India. It’s the women who are at the forefront in uprisings against military dictatorships and repression in countries like Iran, Lebanon, Iraq and Sudan. It’s the struggle for the right to abortion like in Poland, Ireland and Argentina.

– It’s the feminist struggle from below that challenges the capitalist system and their right-wing politicians who are reproducing the oppression every day to maximize their profits and maintain their power.

– We are united in the struggle against the right. The womens struggle isn’t just one day a year, it’s every day! I encourage everyone here today to join us in the international socialist feminist struggle!

RS was one of several organisations in the demonstration with our own youthful and energetic block that attracted many. “Our bodies, our choices – we don’t want your ideals” and “Womens struggle is class struggle – class struggle is womens struggle” were some of the many chants from our socialist feminist section.

The struggle now continues everyday and all the time for a society and a world free of oppression and injustices – a socialist world.


International Womens Day, a symbol for all the womens international struggle against discrimination, inequality and gender oppression, has been an inspiration for the conscious and oppressed women in Iran and globally who conduct a tireless struggle against the ruling elite.

In Göteborg, 1,500 people gathered. The Iranian refugee group Hör vår röst (Hear our voice) and Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna highlighted the womens struggle in Iran. Today, the Iranian womens struggle finds an expression through the workers, teachers and students struggle, in the fight for the environment, in the different revolutionary movements in Kurdistan and not least of all in the uprising in



For the third year in a row Lule 8th of March committee (that RS is a part of) organised a protest on International Womens Day. People gathered for a small but important demonstration.

The march had chants like “My body – my choice” and “The healthcare can’t economise anymore – enough talk, time for action!”. When the demonstration arrived at Gula paviljongen (a square in central Luleå) a version of En vialador en tu camino was performed accompanied by the rhythm of ladles banging on pot lids. Speeches followed afterwards.

Liv Shange Moyo from RS had the last speech, an appeal for socialist feminism that connects the International Womens Day to its roots in struggle and revolution. She showed the power of womens struggle in the world – and the need to use that power in struggle locally as well, for example against the anti-feminist cuts on the welfare in Norrbotten (on of the northern counties of Sweden).


Around 100 demonstrated in Helsingborg on International Womens Day on 8th of March, organised by FemHbg and Refugees Welcome. There were speeches against the cuts on healthcare, schools and elderly care in Helsingborg municipality, something that affects women more harshly. Others raised the sexual violence against women that is increasing, while the funding for womens shelters and help organisations simultaneously is lowered or denied outright.

Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna in Skåne (southmost county of Sweden) took part in the demonstration.


Around 250 took part in the demonstration in Örebro. “Safety for women now!” was the overarching word of the day. “Stod killing, stop hitting, men has to realise this” was one of the many chants of the demonstration.

Zozan Baransson from the womens association Barin gave an international perspective on how the violence against women is increasing all over the world.

All womens struggle in the world is our struggle. When it comes to the sexual violence our message has to be clear: our bodies is not for sale.

Now we continue the struggle after the 8th of March.

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