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The green tide returns to the streets of Argentina

By Maria Clara

On February 19, the National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion occupied the streets of over one hundred Argentine cities. Thousands of women with 'green panuelos' denounced the 400,000 clandestine abortions per year in the country.

The date calls back to two years ago when a green tide of almost 2 million women took to the streets for the approval of the bill but which was rejected by a conservative Senate. The movement however continued and with the slogan "it will be law" promised that the fight would continue.

The new president, Alberto Fernandez, promised in his campaign to decriminalize abortion, which gave him the support of part of the feminist movement. Even so, the mobilization yesterday puts pressure on the government that now has a majority in the legislature. With ten days to go before the opening of the legislative sessions, Argentinean women demanded that the bill be discussed.

According to the newspaper Clarín, rumors circulated that the government will present on March 1 another bill that decriminalizes the termination of pregnancy, but does not turn this into public health policy. In addition, it allows health professionals to plea "conscientious objection" and refuse to assist women in termination procedures.

In interviews and public speeches at the demonstrations, the feminist movement and the left possitioned themselves clearly against this possibility, stating that the choice for abortion should be guaranteed as public policy, without moral-institutional judgment. They sang out loud again: "legal abortion in hospitals".

The movement must continue putting on pressure to ensure victory for the women's struggle in Argentina, one that could set the 8th of March on fire all over the world!!

Occupy the streets until it is law!

#SeraLey #abortoLegal #SeraLey2020 #19F

Images: @CampAbortoLegal

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